"Cows are amongst the gentlest of breathing creatures; none show more passionate tenderness to their young when deprived of them; and, in short, I am not ashamed to profess a deep love for these quiet creatures."

~Thomas de Quincey



Texas Longhorn stock slowly dwindled, until  1927 when the breed was saved by enthusiasts from the U.S. Forest Service, who collected a small herd of stock to breed on a refuge in...OKLAHOMA! 


Historic Fort Worth Stockyards

It's February, the month of love.  We chose to celebrate this Valentine's by going to Fort Worth, Texas for the weekend - to go to...the Hired Hand Huddle!  Huh?  Hearts, Hugs, HH Huddle?!  Doesn't sound like a romantic time?  Perhaps for some, this would seem a bit odd, however, it was the perfect opportunity to FINALLY get our website live and to share our Love of Longhorns!  We met some other breeders, made some new friends, shared some great food and we even managed to two-stepped down the old brick street in front of the famous and historic Stockyards!  It was a great Valentine's get-away! 

The Super Blue boy Wave

Thanks to Molly and Jaymie from Hired Hand for the fun event and for exposing my under-developed knowledge of TV game shows!  The HH Huddle gave us the tools to get the website up and runnin'!  While we still have content and pictures to add, we're thrilled to have a great beginning  to be able to show off our upcoming spring babies - the first calves for us out of Super Blue Boy!  We'd also like to take this opportunity to say, "Thanks" to Kathy Kittler of Kittler Land & Cattle for selling this wonderful bull to us.  Check out his pedigree and progeny and you'll see why we're so excited to have him as our Herd Sire!  

Be sure and check back to keep up with The T&M Times, and to see the new babies as they hit the ground.  Also, if you're interested in showcasing your Longhorns on the web, please check out Hired Hand's services, then give Molly or Jaymie a call!



Checking and mending fences...seems to be an every month kind of chore!

Keeping the ice off the pond, the water trough and hay feeder full.

Checking to see if anyone has started making 'bag'.



...are we gonna have enough hay to last 'til spring?

...are we ever gonna get some snow?
...or even better, some rain?

...are we gonna have any babies this month?

...are ya gonna remember your Valentine this year? 


A favorite at the Ranch is my slow-cooker Beef Short Ribs - you'll suck the skin off your fingers to get every drop of this B-BQ sauce!  Just click on T&M Short Ribs to get a pdf of the recipe, try it and enjoy!