From Pasture to Plate:'s what's for Dinner! 

Our Longhorn beef is raised right here on the ranch.  In other words, by purchasing Longhorn beef, you’re supporting a small, family ranch right here in Green Country.  We raise our Longhorns the way nature intended — allowing them to graze in pastures.  Our process starts at weaning:  our calves are given free access to pasture, hay, clean water and are grain fed twice a day.  Once the weaning process is complete, they are turned out to full pasture to naturally graze and grow.  In the winter we give free access to a protein supplement and hay.  We bring them back in when they reach an ideal size to begin finishing.  During this time they are given free choice of hay, pasture access, clean water and fed a special grain mixture for several weeks to enhance flavor and tenderness.  They are never exposed to growth hormones or antibiotics.  Compared to conventional practices, allowing Longhorns to roam the ranch is better for the cattle and the environment.

So, we've convinced you, eh?  Want some REAL flavorful beef?  Contact us to make sure we have the perfect amount for you, then fill out the T&M Cut Sheet and just e-mail it to us.  It's that simple!  Want to know how we do our Cut Sheet for our family?  Take a look at our Sample Cut Sheet.