"It is impossible for a longhorn to toot his own horn.

We humans don't seem to have any trouble doing so."

~Lester Galbreath




Texas Longhorns are known for their high birth percentages, it is common for herds of Longhorn cows to achieve live calving percentages of 99% or more.

Welcome to T&M Longhorns; home to EOT Super Blue Boy and his Longhorn harem, a trio of Paint horses, a musical Quarterhorse, a henhouse of chicks, a Saint, a couple of kitty mousers, two rowdy boys, and finally...the caretakers, Darby Thomas and Melisa McCelvey!

Super Blue Boy

No, T&M, in this case, does NOT stand for 'Time & Measurement' or 'Time & Materials' (I guess both of which apply from time to measuring Longhorn horns is quite an undertaking in all three aspects).

We named the Ranch 'T&M' to represent both of the proprietors 'Thomas & McCelvey' (yours truly) as well as our motto...'Time AND Money'. Someone much wiser than me said, "POOR people spend time to save money; RICH people spend money to save time." As with many ranchers, it seems as though we usually have "Time OR Money", our goal is to have both, so be sure and check our SALE page to help us with our quest!

We moved to the RANCH to allow our boys to have room to roam and to have a home for our horses, then we decided to get a "few" Longhorns. As with many breeders, a few Longhorns never ends up being enough. You need some of this color, some of those horns, some of that rump, another one with...well, you get the picture, a "few" Longhorns quickly becomes a HERD! Finally, you decide you just need more land! There goes more of that Time & Money again!
T & M Ranch
Our breeding program's mission is, "Raising Texas Longhorns...Big 'n' Horny ('n' Colorful)! We aim for correct and solid conformation, interesting and loooooong horns, along with diverse and unique coloring. To learn more about the breed and its history, our LORE pages have a plethora of information. For those times when they just don't 'measure up', they're destined to be, "BEEF, It's what's for dinner!" If you aren't aware of the great nutritional qualities of Longhorn beef, or you want to check the current availability, get the inside scoop on our BEEF page.

We hope you enjoy flippin' through our website and checking out Blue Boy and his harem.  If you see something you like, give us a ring, or use the CONTACT link, and we'll swap some Time AND Money!

                                                                             ~Darby & Mel






A favorite at the Ranch is my slow-cooker Beef Short Ribs - you'll suck the skin off your fingers to get every drop of this BBQ sauce!  Just click on T&M Short Ribs to get a pdf of the recipe, try it and enjoy!